Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Untimely Resurrection of My Blog

It is 11:20 p.m. and I am sitting with three of my roommates in one of the bedrooms in our house during a silent but togetherly homework session, when all of a sudden the urge to blog hits me. I've been thinking for the past few weeks that I should pick it back up, but 2 1/2 weeks before finals is probably not the best time. However, the urge is stronger than my desire to read about German government (I have no desire to do that, by the way) which is all the homework I technically have to do before tomorrow. My laundry list of papers, projects, and go-back-and-actually-do-it reading assignments is growing longer each day as the end of the semester looms, and if I think about it I will probably hyperventilate. So I will not think about it right now. But I have renamed this weekend as "Papers and Projects" weekend, so you can guess how I will be spending my time. I have a hard time blogging without a purpose--everyone else has a catchy theme or starting point or cute kids to work with. I just have me. Not that I am discounting what I can bring to the interweb, but it's hard to stay motivated when there's not a driving cause. BUT! I have since come up with an idea! Why yes, yes I will tell you about it. But first a little side note: I went back and read my earlier posts and I totally forgot about my run-in with the darling Haitian boy. So, I'm tempted to blog more regularly, if only so that I can remember my own life. Anyways, here comes the launch.

Hi, My name is Emily and I have had a pixie cut for a year and a half now. 

Or variations thereof. Before that, my hair was above my shoulders for probably two additional years. I. Love. Short. Hair. But then something happened. One day I woke up and short hair no longer appealed to me. I found myself attracted (not in a weird way) to long hair. 

Doesn't it look awesome?? Okay, maybe not this long.
But look at this! Look how pretty!
Disclaimer: I got this off of Google images,
this girl is real and I don't own this picture.
 As in, usually I seek out short hair cuts and think they look awesome. Now, I check out long hair and wish it was mine. I started dreaming about all the cool things I could do with my hair when it was long. And I decided to take the plunge. Cutting all my hair off was a little bit scary and a lot of exciting. Growing it out, not so much. It's definitely scary, because I look awful and my hair is all sorts of weird in all sorts of places. But it's more just the patience part that is horrid. Anyways, this is what my blog will be about: I will every week or so take a picture of my hair to encourage myself that it is actually growing so that I'm not tempted to cut it. And I will post about my attempts at making my hair work. Example: I keep trying to do my hair curly, and I think it looks fine. My roommates on the other hand, think it looks not so hot curly. So I will take pictures of my drama. And finally, in more of true blog fashion I will document my daily activities to distract myself and prove to myself that I actually do things with my time, which I'm starting to doubt. 

So that's about it. A small summary of right now is that the semester is almost over, I have so far survived (Something I doubted at the beginning) but I still have a lot of work to put in. I am looking forward to summer, I will just be working and maybe doing an independent study class. More importantly, I can read a novel if I so choose. Or watch a movie guilt-free. It will be great. And then come August I will be sick of not progressing toward anything and will be ready for school. I think my work is going to let me have 40ish hours so that is a HUGE relief, as I need to make loads o' money one last time before I will be doing just fine financial-wise. I work for the Special Collections department in the BYU Library, and I really like it. I've been kind of a slacker lately, but my desire to be a good employee has since renewed itself and I am stepping it up there. 

Cool thing about today: It is my roomie's boyfriend's 27th b-day today. Happy Birthday Luke! We wore silly party hats, sang the birthday song really off-key and ate delicious cake. It was fun. I also got out of my Brit Lit class an hour early. It was awesome (normally 2 1/2 hours long). And I think after doing so much transcription I've gotten to be a really fast typer. Which I kind of really enjoy. Okay, that's all. I'm forcing myself to return to the wonderful world of parliamentary Germany. I know this was really long, but I'm planning on making future posts fun and not so lengthy. So stay tuned!

For your viewing pleasure:
As a 16-year-old at Girls' Camp
As a 22-year-old on Christmas break. 

How did I get from that...
                                     To  this?

And how do I get a in...looking good AND long?   


  1. Emily! I was so excited to see you had updated! And I loved reading this. I miss you lately. And I look forward to your future posts about your hair transformation journey! With such a ridiculously gorgeous face as yours, I think you can pull off just about any haircut/style/length.

  2. I didn't even know you had a blog again!! I'm glad I check Facebook everyday. Now you are added to my friends so that my blog will tell me when you update. YAY!! I find it hilarious that now you want long hair and I want short, not pixie short, but short for me. Oh how the tables have turned.