Friday, January 20, 2012

Something new--trusting in the goodness of strangers

Okay, today’s I’ve-never-done-this-before is brought to you by running late to school. I mentioned I’ve been sick, so the thought of climbing the hill to campus was less than appealing at 8:45 this morning. Also, my first class is in the basement in the farthest corner of the farthest building from my apartment (how did that happen? still not sure). So when the bus blew past me when I was still a block away from the stop, I was sad. I was annoyed. I was grouchy. And I knew I would be late to class and not feel too hot after cruising across campus when I can’t breathe. Now, I needed to be to class and be on time because I have missed this class twice now in the first 2 ½ weeks of the semester (not proud of this fact. one was due to illness). 

Anyways, I orient toward campus and begin the trek, literally thinking in my head “I hate this day!” Within the next 30 seconds a gray mini van pulls over and a nice looking middle aged lady asks me where the Wilkinson Center is. It’s hard to explain how to get there, there are a lot of turns and then a weird parking situation. So as I stood there stumbling over my words and not sure how to explain it and feeling frustrated that I’m losing valuable time, I looked at her, I looked at her car, and I said, “I have a really strange question. Can I just get in with you and show you how to get there? It’s kind of hard and I’m running late anyways.” And guess what? She was beyond grateful. She had been driving around for half an hour looking for the place. She was very nice and apologetic that her car was messy from travelling and I assured her that I didn’t mind at all. We got the to Wilk, I got to class on time, and I was cheerful the rest of the day. SO

Old Emily: Would have given tricky directions, and then mumbled and grumbled the rest of the day about being late to class and how I have the worst luck in the world. 

2012 Emily: Takes a chance, helps someone out, gets what she needs, and is happier for it.

See, I would not beg him for a ride. Unless it really was Tim Curry. I would go anywhere with Tim Curry.
And no, I will not be bumming rides off of every stranger I encounter. But she really did not come across as a serial killer, and I’ve seen a LOT of Criminal Minds episodes. I know how to spot them. 

Another first: I was running late this morning so I dried 70% of my hair and then…put it in a PONY TAIL! I’ve been waiting 10 months for this luxury!! It’s getting loooooong!!! And yes, I look like a hot mess today, but at least my hair isn’t stringy and in my face. Until next time! <3


  1. I can't actually believe it! I never would have expected this from you, but congratulations!! I'm so excited that you are taking these new chances. I'm so proud!

  2. I am so proud of your pony tail!!!! Yes I read the whole thing and thats what I took from your post!