Wednesday, January 18, 2012

rough but optimistic start

This is going to be short and sweet and not exciting. After my last blog post I got sick, which has wreaked some havoc on how often I leave my bedroom and therefore am exposed to opportunities to try new things. But here’s a little list of some new things I’ve done:

Watched “Lion King” in Spanish. They did a fabulous job dubbing it! Also available in French, but I was outvoted.

Set up utilities in my name like a grown up.

Turned on the natural gas to my apartment (yay!) and by that I mean Tara and I called our friend Spencer the Mechanical Engineer who came and turned it on and lit some pilot lights for us. Thanks Spencer! Using your connections is another type of resourcefulness, right?

I made these crazy good chocolate chocolate chip cookies 100% from scratch. You should know that cookies are my nemesis. I can make most things (pies excluded) but cookies are hit or miss. But these, these were awesome. And I gave most of them away, which was even better!
    My baditude resurfaced a little last night but by bed time I recovered. Other than that, staying positive is going well despite this stupid cold. 

    I also started reading “21 Days Closer to Christ,” which a friend was kind enough to lend me. I started it yesterday but I was half passed out (due to my cold, not that it was boring) when I did it so I might restart tonight. 

    Anyways, that’s all for now. Not the ground breaking post I had hoped for but it will do for now :)

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