Sunday, May 13, 2012

Catastrophe and Contraband Goldfish

Hi friends!
I have survived yet another crazy busy week of a 9-credit spring term. I'm still impossibly not caught up in any of my classes, but I'm closing the gap on at least two of them. A couple more hours of focused homework this weekend and I'll be able to breathe for a second or two (but not more than three, or I'll be behind again). As a treat for myself, I'm making brownies and I'm starting "The Vow," so I can indulge in some emotionally-charged romance. I'll let you know what I think later. On a side note, there was a preview for "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" and it looks really good! Love me some Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor, complete with what I believe to be their real accents. So, that has made it to my list of "would prefer to see"s. 

Another few fun things to mention: I got a new roommate! Tara inexplicably sold her contract, and my new friend Claire moved in this weekend. So far, my impression is that she is a darling, super sweet, super polite, nice, fun girl. I think we will get along just fine. 
Other cool thing: Allyson is back in America!!! We got to chat for a couple hours on the phone tonight, it was great! I'm so excited to have one of my best friends (top 10 at least! [that's for Allyson]) back within the limits of modern communication.

Now I want to share a story with you, that I feel sums up the sort of luck I have. (Another side note...I can't handle the level of cuteness (the good kind of cute) exuding from Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum right now! Oh, and she just lost her memory and my heart just broke in half.) 

So, I have 2 goldfish that I inherited from a roommate who inherited them from someone else. I love these little guys, I've had them for about 8 months now. I don't know exactly how legal they are according to my housing contract so I try to stow them away whenever management comes around. Saturday I had tucked them away in a little cupboard while they came and did a run-through to make sure Tara had cleared out for the new girl. Afterward, I was in the kitchen with my roommate Jordan, and she was making dinner. I remembered my hiding fish and went to grab them. They were on the top shelf in this little cabinet thing, and as I lifted their tank/bowl thing out, the shelf started falling down in the front! It's the kind of shelf that sits on little pegs, and one of the front pegs had fallen off. This would not have been a problem except I was standing there with a heavy tank in my hands halfway on, halfway off of the shelf, in bare feet, and everything else on the cupboard was sliding off. Including a glass vase. Which proceeded to fall at my feet, somewhat landing on my foot, and shattering. 

So I'm crouched at this little cupboard, unable to move because if I keep pulling the tank off the shelf, it will completely fall (and it had a can of paint and other items on it. It's a random cupboard), and if I put it back, it might fall with the tank (and my poor fish!). So I'm yelling "Help me, Help me! Jordan, help!" But she has her hands covered in something so she has to take a second and then comes over midst glass everywhere, and helps prop the shelf so I can move the fish. We take the heavy stuff off the shelf and it balances back. I notice a little cut on my second toe on my right foot, but don't think too much of it. I move to find some shoes so I can pick up the glass, look down, and my toe is gushing blood. I'm leaving trails of blood on the floor. So then I grab a paper towel, fold it up a bunch of times, and wrap my toe up so I can find some shoes, which had all disappeared for some reason. (Claire was moving in at this point so I'm trying to stay out of her way as well). I find someone else's sandals and slide them on so I can help clean up, and I look at my foot and the wadded up paper towel is soaked in blood. How much can one little toe bleed? I mean, really? The cut is maybe 3 centimeters long, maybe even just two. So I decide, heck with it, I'm going to take care of my toe before I bleed to death and let Jordan clean up the glass. Which I did. She was a trooper.

One Band-aid later and all was well. I finished sweeping up, moved the fish to their rightful home on the end table in the living room, and went on with my day. Moral of the story? Breaking the rules can cause stress and heartache. But sometimes it's worth it:
My buddies 

Fun fact: After I left to go chat with my friend Cami an hour or so later, Jordan was reaching on a high shelf for some Tupperware and knocked off a two-cup glass measuring cup. Which shattered. And she got a little cut on her finger which bled a lot. So, if you come over to our apartment in the next few days, make sure to wear shoes in the kitchen. 

To send you off, here is a picture of two other guys that I just adore:
Twin nephews Nathan and Caleb. Look at their expressive little faces!!
They are moving to the other side of the country soon, and I am very sad :(

I'll get a blog about my trip to Cali soon. Until then, Au revoir!

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