Friday, July 27, 2012

Follow Up

As a follow up to my very gloatsome last post, I did finish Amaranthine and I feel a little bad about criticizing it as harshly as I did. Don't get me wrong, it's not going to be a classic any time soon, and there was a Beauty and the Beast moment where we think he's dead and she's crying over his body and whispering "I love you" (called it!) however, it was not the end end, like I thought it would be. But anyways, the ending was actually not too bad, and had a very emotional familial goodbye scene that definitely got me choked up, because I don't handle goodbyes all that well, no matter what the context.So, my final judgment is that, for a first-time author, it was a good effort. The idea was creative (when not spoiled by amazon reviews), but could have been executed better. There were also a lot of YA cliches. But, it's not the book equivalent of the Vampire's Assistant (as in, it's not the absolute worst book there ever was. That would be Heart of Darkness) because it was a first-time effort, and it wasn't as if it was the 7th Harry Potter book and grossly disappointed me. It was exactly what it claimed to be: a cheesy YA book with a little mystery and a lot of unfortunate adolescent romance. I think she should get a refund from her editor because it obviously had some flaws, but an okay book if you are a 15-year-old girl. Okay, I'm done. Time to move on! Next up: The Solitary House. Or maybe Our Mutual Friend. Or Great Gatsby. I'll keep you posted.

(also, it's 4:05 on a Friday afternoon, I'm at work and not at my friend Tara's wedding, and I have to write a monstrous paper this weekend. Booooooo. On the bright side, it's Friday!!)

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