Friday, July 6, 2012

musings of a super bored person

So, I'm stuck at work on a friday afternoon, it's slow as death, and I'm bored out of my mind. I don't have a whole lot of things to say since I just posted a little while ago, but here we go.

We FINALLY got some rain, which was really pretty great. I've been strangely stressed about the Utah fire situation, and even more stressed that nobody else seems stressed and that the entire state has gone mad because they are still lighting fireworks every night. But as my roommate pointed out when I was venting my frustrations about the apathy I was witnessing, there's not a whole lot we can actively do about the situation. Good point. Still, people, if you can't handle yourselves, stop going outside, because you are burning down the state. 2/3 of the fire damage has been caused by humans. Ridiculous. See? I'm a little obsessed. But we got rain! And it also cooled down my apartment, which has been wonderful since our air conditioning has been broken for 3 days, I've been sleeping on someone else's floor, and it's been averaging 92 degrees in my apartment. So the rain was, as far as I'm concerned.

My Fourth of July was pretty low-key. We laid out/went swimming at the Spanish Fork reservoir, which is super gross but serves its purpose. I am pretty brown now, and even though I totes put on sunscreen, my back still burned. We (me, roomies, et al) also went and toured Provo center street which isn't as magical as I remember. My two goals of getting a henna tattoo and obtaining some ethnic jewelry were not reached, but it's probably all for the best money-wise. I'd still go for a tat though. Then a few of us who weren't going to stadium of fire went home and were sooo tired because we were burnt and had been walking in the heat all day and i passed out on a couch (not mine, because my apartment is a sauna) and slept through fireworks. pretty lame, right? but all in all I was very satisfied. I also had a crazy good taco from a mexican food stand that I can't complain about. The crazy thing is there is a 50/50 chance this was my last 4th in Provo eveeer. But I think that's more exciting than sad.

I just had a panic moment that i missed my dad's birthday, but it's definitely tomorrow. whew!

So I've been reading Amaranthine and it just keeps getting worse. If it weren't on my kindle, i would throw it against the wall repeatedly. I'm starting to catch some ominous hints about various characters, which makes me reeeaaalllllyyyyy excited that there is a point to this book. Based on the spoiler reviews i read and what i've seen so far, here are my predictions:

  • ireland (main girl) [or her entire family?] is actually dead and doesn't know it. they and everyone else in "vancouver" is actually in some sort of limbo state. orion is trying to steal her soul OR he is miscast and is trying to save her soul. Also, her dad hasn't been around since the accident, maybe he is alive and they are all dead? existing on two different planes?
  • Ireland is alive but shouldn't be, cheated death, orion is death, and we've got a meet joe black/final destination situation on our hands.
  • Orion has sold his soul to the devil or IS the devil, i don't know, and has to fill a quota of souls and ireland is in his sights. 

Okay folks, those are my predictions. My money's on the first one. I'll let you know what happens, because I don't think anyone should read this book, so I don't feel bad spoiling it for you.

I also just downloaded two new books that look a bit more promising (I think they came from the "grown up" more 16 year olds!) They are:

Thieftaker by DB Jackson and The Solitary House by Lynn Shepherd. Both are historical and mysterious, two of my very favorite things. Thieftaker is set in Revolution-era America but involves the seedy underground and has a lil magic mixed in. The Solitary House is set in Victorian London (!) and pulls integrates Charles Dickens' Bleak House. Cool? You betcha. Both have the potential to be awful, but I'm staying optimistic. Also, both have great cover art. 

Other than that I've been indulging in marathons of Arrested Development and ER, both being fabulous shows (Younger George Clooney, anyone?). AAND tonight I'm going to see Spider-Man and tomorrow I'm going to a roller derby match and hopefully my roommates softball game. And on Sunday I'm making my world-famous chicken ranch pizza. and there may be a bollywood movie at some point. Awesome weekend in store? heck to the yes. I'm feeling a little burned out on school right now, so lots of playing and sunshine is doing me good. Although I don't know if anything is going to salvage my sociology grade. We have these weekly one-page write-ups that they have one answer that they want from them, but I'm used to seeing texts from multiple angles, so I'm struggling. The first one I got 7.5/10, and I thought I made all the corrections they wanted, and I got a 6.5/10 on the next one! GE's are the literal worst. Shakespeare is going quite well, though. Except I have to read Richard III over the weekend :\

Okay, I effectively used up my boring afternoon and need to close down the desk. Happy Friday!


  1. Aw Emily, you are just so fantastic. This was a great post and it reminded me why I like you, nay love you! And I like being updated on your life so keep it up!

  2. I'm so happy you posted!!! I have so much to say!
    1. You obviously haven't talked to my mom! She's totally stressed about the fires!!! I had a 20 minute conversation about the stupidity of people lighting fireworks when the state was burning down because people are doing stupid things!
    2. It makes me happy that you used et al in a post!
    3. What are you reading???
    4. The new books sound great! I'm also on a not 16 year old stuff kick which has landed me reading about biblical women and that ends up just stressing me out! I really don't know which is worse???!!!
    5. And lastly... Chicken Ranch Pizza? World Famous? Why have I not partaken of this???