Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Remember how chipper I was at the beginning of summer, being all like "This summer is going to be so fun and then guess what! When I'm tired of working, I get to start school again!" (imagine that being said in a high voice and spoken through the front part of the mouth. If that makes sense.)? Yeah, well, the "I'm tired of working" has hit me strong, and not nearly as cheerily as I anticipated. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for my job and I like it, but I'm soooo tired of sitting in the same place all day every day! I walk past people sitting the library doing homework and I'm actually jealous. It's sick.

33 more days until school starts...
P.S. I hate EFY.

Now for some fun:

Day 2 movie challenge:
Your Least Favorite Movie

This is hard, I'm trying to think if I really even have one. I think if a movie is so terrible it's funny, then it's still valuable. But if a movie fails to inspire any reactions then I would deem it a bad movie. That being said, I don't know what my least favorite movie ever is, but my least favorite of the movies I've seen recently? That I can handle.

Red Riding Hood

So this really isn't the worst movie ever made, but of all the movies I've seen this summer (not that many, to be fair) I think it's the one I've enjoyed the least. And somehow I've seen it twice. Some of my friends really like it, and it has all the elements that should have me hooked: love triangle, the supernatural, mystery, smokin hot guys, Gary Oldman.

But I feel like there is no character development. Or introduction, in fact. You know that Valerie loves Peter. Why? I don't know. And that's about all we know about her. And him. Besides that fact that he only ever wears black which should make him mysterious but only makes him seem creepy to me. He also looks like Joaquin Phoenix, who I like but I keep picturing him as Joaquin Phoenix from Gladiator who is also creepy. But since there is no character development, I have no reason to change my mind. They also keep trying to get it on every five minutes in public places, which freaks me out.

So pretty much we are thrown into this little village and all we see of it are the events surrounding the climax, so I don't care about the village, I don't care about the people, and I don't care about the main characters because they feel like one-dimensional strangers. And I have to sit and watch them do things that I don't care about for two hours. Twice.

It is a film done by Catherine Hardwicke (a la Twilight) so I know I can't expect too much out of it, but it had a lot of good elements that should have meant at least an entertaining film. But it was not. I will give them credit, I didn't figure out the mystery of who the wolf was which may have been because of masterful execution, or it was because I was so busy trying to find something to be interested in that my super sleuth skills were being ignored.

The best part of the movie? This guy right here:

 And that's only because he looks like a Greek god. What was his character's name? I don't even remember, because none of the movie's characters are memorable. But he was hot.

Honorable Mentions:
The Ultimate Gift
The Polar Express
Mama Mia


  1. Haha I think you just don't like Amanda Seyfried...since you have two of her movies in your list there :)

  2. Um... This may rock our friendship... I'm just saying! AND... as for character development, I don't think you were listening! She loves Peter because he always made her want to break the rules! she's loved him since they were little and he looked like he was six years older than her! The best part of this post was that you remembered Peter's name and not Henry's... I'm just saying! Plus the Lesbian dance part was freaking phenomenal! And lets be honest The polar Express is WAY worse then Red Riding Hood!