Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!

 Okay, so I just really wanted to do a shout-out to Elf, but I am in love. Just not the way the title implies. A few years ago my good friend Laurel introduced me to Bollywood movies and my life was never the same. This summer I had some time and some Netflix so I casually threw some on my queue when I found out roomie Kelley would watch them with me. Boy was that a mistake. I am obsessed. I liked them before but now I can't stop listening to the music. I sing it all the time (inasmuch as I can because it's, you know, in Hindi) my favorite is still standing strong with Om Shanti Om (translation: Peace. It is a popular saying/mantra). Specifically this song:
                                               Jag Soona Soona Lage

I love the drums and the desperation in the opening voice because it is about a darling man with aspirations to be a famous actor and a sweet and beautiful movie starlet whose destinies are intertwined but ill-fated. So anyways I can't stop singing this song.

I watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (translation: the lover carries away his bride, or something like that). I made the mistake of showing this to other people when I didn't remember it very well. It is not my favorite. It is an older one with Shahrukh Khan and Kajol and a classic but not terribly entertaining and very long. And cheesy because it was made in like 1993. So fail on my part. In my search for songs to sing besides Jag Soona Soona Lage I came back empty handed.

Next we have Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (translation: A match made by God) which is darling but I don't find myself invested like in Om Shanti Om. It's about an older man and younger girl who end up married after her fiancee and dad die on her wedding day (NOT a good day) and as her dad's favored pupil they are married to grant her security. He loves her, she is too brokenhearted to even consider loving again. Let the craziness ensue. Secret identities, love triangles in ways you would not expect, a dance competition, and a discovery of what true love really is. Also has Shahrukh Khan. Pattern? Yes. It has some catchy tunes which I am listening to right now to try and get away from Om Shanti Om, but I don't think it's working.

I will be obsessed with that soundtrack forever.

Also, I love Shahrukh Khan. If he wasn't twice my age and happily married with the most beautiful family I've ever seen, I would marry him tomorrow. In fact, I wouldn't let age come between us, but I'm no homewrecker. It's hard to explain why I love him so much, but he is wonderful. An excerpt of an earlier conversation I had with Laurel today:

Me: I have a mad crush on Shahrukh Khan, so...(rest of convo not important).

And it's true. I have a mad crush on him. Can you blame me?

Yeah, it's weird. Dude's almost 50. I don't care. Anyways, that's what is currently consuming my life. And I still have like 5 weeks to indulge before I have to return to real life and real people and school.

Remember how I was listening to the soundtrack of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi? Wanna know how I was listening to it? On my phone. Wanna know why? My computer sound card has died. Kaput. Bye Bye. I am not pleased with this new development. I knew my time was limited with my awful little HP (having had it for 4 years now) but about 70% of my personal computer usage involves sound, so come September I'm going to be shopping for something new. What this means now is no Castle marathon catch-up for me. Boooooo. Or watching Hulu. Or recaps of SYTYCD on Youtube. Or iTunes. In case you were wondering. Anyways, that's all. Happy Pioneer Day yesterday! Not a whole lot else going on. I very much want to spend some of these ridiculously hot days in a pool but this weekend I either a) couldn't find anyone to go with me (roomie Kelley hates swimming. I can't fathom that but whatevs) or b) was not home when someone came to invite me. I hope it means I was going to drown this weekend if I went swimming because otherwise I am not happy that it didn't happen. Anyways, off to FHE I go!

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  1. I forgot how much I LOVE the music from Om Shanti!!