Sunday, July 17, 2011

a non-eventful update

So this is just a short update that does not revolve around any particular event. First, lets' talk hair. I may have mentioned that I attempted pin curls only to discover that it is too soon for pin curls. But it resulted in my first attempt at a pony tail:

Truthfully, it was 90% of my hair held up by bobby pins and 10% of my hair in an actual hairband, but it's a start!

I have been occasionally trimming the back of my hair as it is longer than the front and grows faster (code: mullet) but I was reluctant to do it again as I didn't want to lose all the growth I had. I was just resigned to awful hair for a few more months and then I would go get it cut by someone who knows what they are doing. Well, after a chat with roomie Kelley about hair, I went for it and trimmed the back again. And guess what? The very front is essentially the same length as the back!!!! There is still a discrepancy around the ears and the ends are wispy and damagey from being razored, and goodness knows it's as uneven as all get out, but it's nearly the same length!!!!!!!!! The ultimate desirable outcome for this first goal is about 2 more inches of good hair and the front slightly longer than the back but my hair is definitely starting to look more like a short bob than a long pixie! Goodbye pixiedom!!!

Ok, one last story to tell, but it requires a diversion. Yesterday (my lazy post-Potter recovery day) we had a ward activity at a ward-members family home that has a sweet pool set up. It was also a service activity and I didn't plan my time well for swimming and only ended up getting about 20 minutes in the pool. It was still fun, and I came home and spent more time in my lazy stupor, my hair drying in place and full of chlorine. I realized I needed to return a redbox movie, so I combed out my now-dry hair and styled it quickly. I looked in the mirror and saw the best hair day I've had in probably 6 months, if not longer. Take a peek:

Pardon my swinwear, but it shows a good shot of the back length.

It's full! It's swoopy! It has a shape!
I couldn't believe my eyes! So much so that I stopped what I was doing and took 40 pictures of it. I had this magical, transcendent moment when I actually thought to myself, "I don't hate my hair anymore!" Walking down the street I ran into some of my Potter friends and two of them were like, "Wow, Emily, you're hair looks amazing." Music to my ears! I've had such an identity crisis over having gross hair! And then 20 minutes later I got home and looked in the mirror. You know what I saw? My same flat, shapeless hair, all in 20 minutes or less. So now I'm at another milestone in my hair journey: it's not my bad haircut and painful growing out that makes my hair look bad (which is good). It's just the way my hair is (which is bad).

I don't have anyone to blame but my awful bodyless, shapeless hair itself. I'm hoping a pro cut will improve that, but it's nice to know that my hair has finally made some big strides in growing out. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to recreate the miracle of last night, and while I've come somewhat close, it never returned. A lady at church today did think I got a haircut and said it looked cute, so that's a start. Anyways, that's my hair drama for now!

Something my friend did on Facebook that I thought was awesome but didn't want to do on Facebook because I didn't want her to see me copying her. Plus we have some similar tastes in movies and I was surprised at how many of her answers could have been mine. But I'll try to be original.

30 Day Movie Challenge:

Day 1: Your Favorite Movie

I have a hard time with this, as I love a range of movies for different reasons. But, my fallback answer that I give people for this is What Dreams May Come. It's artsy and deep and thoughtful and beautiful and tragic and tells the story of a normal family full of problems but bursting full of love, and digs into what different interactions and experiences meant to each other through touching flashbacks with the perspective of having lost it. It is about love conquering all, but recognizing that love isn't perfect, and that we make mistakes, but that we can overcome them. It's about cherishing what you have while you have it, seeing the magic in ordinary things, and discovering the mysteries in life and in the people around you. It makes me cry and laugh and think about other people's perceptions of Heaven and Hell and their connection to this earth. And it is visually stunning. It's hard and poignant and I don't want to watch it every day, but I love it to bits. It is also Robin Williams in a dramatic role, and I think he is an incredible actor in these kinds of circumstances. And I want to live in their house.

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