Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Fresh fish! We leave the eyes in so they'll see you through the week!"

I'm watching "Hook" on tv right now. It started as an effort to drown out the sounds of bizarre gooey romance wafting up the stairs but then I found this movie and I'm quite pleased to spend my afternoon this way. I think it's one of the most perfect movies ever made. And holy cow the music in the scene where Rufio draws the line in the dirt and they have to choose if they want to follow Peter or Rufio. Just a few more shout outs and then I'll stop: Dustin Hoffman as Hook? Can you even think of a better match between character and actor? Not to mention Smee. And I love the mouthy tiny little black lost boy and the one with slicked hair and checkered blazer with a brooklyn accent. Brilliance.

Do you ever look at a movie and think, "Gosh, I bet they had fun making that"? I do. And I think that about this movie.

Okay, I'm a movie freak. I know. I can't help it. We'll move on now.

So I don't have a purpose for this post. I'm just bored.

As part of a RS activity I wrote a letter today to a missionary that I don't know. It took me like 2 hours and it was quite short. I feel bad for him. Oh well, maybe I'll get a pen pal out of it. Except I feel weird because I'm at least 2 years older than any missionary. 3-4 depending on how long they've been out.

"Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson..."

I'm ancient. But only relatively.

Remember how I'm always bemoaning the fact that it's sooooo hot in my house? I knocked over our one and only box fan today and it shattered. I want to cry. Worst. Case. Scenario.

Last night I had a really cool dream. Well, it was really trippy at the time. I dreamed that I had been somewhere doing something with friends and went to sleep. When I woke up (still dreaming) a year a half had passed and I had no idea what had happened. But I asked everyone and they said I had been there, but that now that they had thought about it, I had been darker and not as happy. (It was cooler than it sounds). Anyways, why couldn't I remember the last year and a half? If it wasn't me inside my head, who had it been? Lots of things had happened that I didn't know about. Anyways, I thought it was a cool idea. Copyright Emily.

Remember back to school shopping? I would sit and look through catalogs and see what look I wanted to portray that year. And then my mom would take me to Shopko and I got stuck with whatever she would let me buy. But still, back to school shopping was always exciting. Now it's more like, " the holes in these shirts aren't quite indecent...yeah, they'll do for another year." And you feel like you struck gold if you can make those shoes last 6 more months because not only are they comfy but you just can't afford to replace...anything. You really don't understand how cool childhood is until it's over.

You know that yoplait commercial where the woman is on the phone talking to her friend about her diet and her husband is in the background in the kitchen, and she's all like "well yesterday I had an apple turnover and I had this and this..." and her husband is all like "omg, where is she hiding that?" and he starts digging through the fridge and the wife in this really awful condescending tone is like, "Babe, what are you doing?" And he looks all sheepish. It makes me mad. The man has the right to rifle through his fridge if he wants! I hate what our society has done to men. Why is it that we have to demean men just to feel validated as women? No wonder young adult males seem to be taking longer transitioning from "guy" to "man." "Man" doesn't look so good anymore. It means constantly being torn down by women as you work yourself to death to provide for your family (while being resented for being a provider) and are only allowed to find satisfaction and fulfillment through your work as long as it doesn't hold back the aspiring careers of women. According to the sitcoms and other forms of media at least. I may be a bit of an anti-feminist. We've eliminated the need for men, so why step up to be one? Stupid.

Okay, so Movie Challenge Day 3, and then we can wrap this up.

Day 3: A movie that makes you happy.

Well, so as to render the first half of this post relevant, I will say Hook. It gave me chills in multiple places and even though half of it is super far-fetched (I mean, come on Robin Williams in tights and rat-n-spray hair) it's so awesome you don't care. And it reminds you of childhood. And being happy.

                                         Hopefully the sound is okay, mine still doesn't work.

Runners Up
The Princess and the Frog
Various others, I'm sure

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